Payroll Services

LSC Accounting Ltd. provides payroll services, especially for small businesses. Now, you may be thinking outsourcing your payroll might be expensive. 

But, after you've factored in:

  • your time to run the payroll (or someone else on your team)
  • payroll software and computer
  • time spent keeping up to date with new laws and regulations
  • dealing with Auto Enrolment (which is a legal requirement which comes with a fine if done incorrectly)
  • having peace of mind that your payroll is done correctly

then outsourcing your payroll suddenly becomes very cost-effective. You can read a more in-depth discussion on outsourcing your payroll here.

Our payroll services start at £2.99 per payslip. 

To find out more, contact us on 0191 447 9119, or contact us via our website form.